Research Direction

C DESIGN is committed to exploring the balance between art and business, emphasizing the rationality of design, allowing the commercial value of design to be fully released, and assisting the brand to achieve commercial success.

C DESIGN 致力于探索艺术与商业的平衡,强调设计的合理性,让设计的商业价值得到充分释放,协助品牌获得商业上的成功。

Design category

C DESIGN is a design company that focuses on visual integration. Based on flat vision, the company implants visual concepts into product, packaging, space and other multi-dimensional fields to complete the integration of the brand's vision and concepts in different dimensions, resulting in the consistency of brand communication.

C DESIGN 是一家注重视觉整合的设计公司,公司以平面视觉为基础,将视觉概念植入产品、包装、空间等多维领域,完成品牌在不同维度的视觉及概念整合,最终形成品牌传播的一致性。